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So the time has come to reveal what I’ve been up to while the world has been busy eating, smoking, drinking and sleeping. I’ve called myself Henning, Luckie, Armadillo King… I’ve even called myself just to hear the tone of my voice. Today I just call myself Ejnefjall and I have no intention of changing it to Godzilla. To start things off – get a head start – and really make a dent on whatever is left of what I used to call the future – I’ve produced a CD/EP and I’ve made it available to the whole world. Ejnefjall – The lost Indio is what I call it… A preview is available now… incase you’re reluctant it’s worth getting. Get yourself a copy today… tomorrow it may be too late.

Ejnefjall – The lost Indio (preview) – available on Youtube:


Link: Ejnefjall – The lost Indio (preview)


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