I’d say my musical journey somewhat started with ”One more cup of coffee” and an african drum. I was 7. I remember me and my father playing together. I was very impressed by how he could play guitar and sing at the same time. At that time my hands were small and I needed some time to let them grow.

At the age of 14 I got myself a red electric Yamaha guitar and started a band with some friends. We rehearsed a few times and then turned our neighbourhoods public veranda into a stage. I had written my first song by then. ”Only you” was the title… I think it was 1987. The sun set and we soon fell into an abyss of heavy metal… Always trying to play faster and harder. Bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden were our sources of inspiration. By 1990 we had become a bit softer… And probably a bit better. Some members had been replaced and some band names had been abandoned. I remember us wanting to get away from metal sounding names like ”Slavement” and ”Crystal heart” so we settled for ”Wilfred.No”. Still sounds good in my ears… Bob Dylan and Tom Petty were new sources of inspiration. We pressed and released a vinyl single ”Leaving this world” and soon after that we split up.

By 1991 American music and pop culture had become my main sources of inspiration. Coming from a small town about 10 swedish miles south of Stockholm I was ready to see something else. I attended The College for Recording Arts in San Francisco, California in may 1991. I soon got an internship at one of the more legendary Bayarea studios, Coast recorders. It was founded by Bill Putnam back in the early 70s. I suddenly faced the opportunity to get familiar with a lot of classic studio gear; Neve consoles, Neumann U47s, EMT250s and more. I also had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. Some famous ones too… I remember one day at the studio I ran in to half of Grateful Dead. I was quite young at the time and I had not yet discovered them really. I also remember Faith no more recording their album ”Angel dust” during my time there. A lot of good memories to keep it short. The former Green on red guitarist Chuck Prophet was another guy I met. He was in recording his second solo album ”Balinese dancer”. Great album by a great guy.

I spent one year in San Francisco and it had such a major impact on me. Looking back every day seemed like an adventure and I came back to Sweden as another man… Or boy… I was only 18.

Back in Sweden I managed to get another internship at a studio in Stockholm. It was during that time I got myself my first record deal. I spent the nights recording and a demo was picked up by a guy named Ossi Bashiri. I was signed to his publishing company ”Fat lady music” and he got me a deal with Amigo music. I was then singing in swedish and I was very inspired by artist like Peter LeMarc and Ulf Lundell. We recorded a bunch of songs which were later discovered by another A&R at EMI records, Magnus Nygren. Things turned out well and in 1994 I signed a deal with EMI. I released two singles im 1995 and a full length album in 1996 (Henning – Äntligen 22). It received good reviews but it didn’t sell good enough. Our relationship ended in 1997. I decided to change course and become a civil engineer. I started studying at the Royal Institute of Technology. I kept on playing but I only recorded demos. In 2001 I turned to writing songs in english. The language that most classic rock songs are written in. Having mainly listned to english and american music it felt very natural. I kept on writing and playing one man shows. I switched artist name/persona from Henning to Luckie and later Armadillo King. Days turned to years and in 2010 I gathered up with a bunch of new guys (and a girl) and formed Armadillo Five. In 2012 we decided to take a break and I think the break has become permanent now. I’m not waiting for anyone to call anyway. I made a few digital releases of some new swedish songs in 2012 but soon turned back to focus on my english writing. I felt it was about time to settle for a name and start producing something else than demo songs.

Now in 2014 I have my first official english release ready. The four song EP ”Ejnefjall – The lost Indio”. It has been received well so far and songs are listed by some of the more known and better webbradio stations out there. I will continue this and I plan to have a full length album produced and ready as soon as possible. I think that summons it up… in a short way. Stay hungry and foolish…

Henning Ejnefjäll (2014)

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