ejnefjall - aboutEjnefjäll is my last name. You’ve probably never heard of it before. Some of my old relatives in the north of Sweden came up with it… So I’ve heard. “Fjäll” means mountain with snow on… usually found up north. I’m not much of a skier anymore but I do like fjälls and travelling up north. Even though I spend most of my time in the middle of Sweden I travel a lot in my mind.

The music can take me to places and times otherwise not possible. When I do my “travelling” I tend to do so embodied in my alter ego. I call him Lost Indio. He looks kind of like a ragged outlaw but has a good ambition and a good heart inside. He has his own way of handling moral issues and his own way of dealing with life and death. I usually see him on the move; escaping from a situation too much to handle for any mortal being. I can also enter his mind and take part of his thoughts and the questions that life brings to the table. Sometimes we’re in the present and sometimes we go back to a time where smart phones just don’t exist.
Neither I or Lost Indio are religious men but we do believe; yet we’re not sure what we believe in… other than surviving and making as much out of the day as possible. There may be a god and a devil or there may just be a clear end to things. As much as we would like to see a heaven, where everything turns out alright, as much do we struggle with the vision or mirage of longevity and depth.

Sometimes fate seems to be involved and sometimes everything just seem to fall the way it falls. I’m not sure where this travelling will lead us. Maybe it will lead us nowhere. But I do like the ride so I will follow to the end. All the best,

Henning Ejnefjäll

More info/biography can be found here.

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